Go Ask Mom By

Go Ask Mom is a great book that will get you off your chair and want to keep
reading. This book will make you laugh and maybe change the way you think of
some things. Some of the things in this are kind of gross but will still make
you want to keep reading. One of the things I love most about this book is that
it has amazing word choice.

A really good book to get! By Alyssa

Go Ask Mom is one of my favorite books now. The main character's name is Gabe.
Gabe has an eye patch and a bad leg. There are some funny parts and some not so
funny parts. There are also some really sad parts as well. But it is still a
really good book, you should read it!!

Go Ask Mom By Amanda

Go Ask Mom is a wonderful book for all ages. My class just finished reading it
after Justin Mattot visited our school. I loved it because it had a mix of humor
and emotions. Also each chapter was its own story. Some parts are gross yet
funny, and I would read this book over again. I think you should bring this book
home and let the whole family enjoy it.

Pure Hilarious-Go Ask Mom By Andrew

Gabriel Peters is a fourth grader who lives in a life of action, drama and
adventure, even though he has a bad leg and an eye patch. I think this is a
great read for kids and adults of all ages. It has also taught me many valuable
lessons, like not to quit in a dare off!! This is without a doubt a 5 star

Go Ask Mom By Ashley

This book is fantastic! It is funny and exciting. I didn't want to stop. I can
NOT wait for the next book! I hope you like this book as much as I did.

Go Ask Mom By Cameron

Go Ask Mom is about Gabriel Peters, he is a one eyed geekazoid that gets made
fun of a lot at his catholic school. His personal bully, Ronnie used to beat
Gabe up, but Gabe told Ronnie a funny story, then Ronnie became Gabe's personal

Go Ask Mom By Cassie

Go Ask Mom is a wonderful book! Sometimes it feels like a rollercoaster, because
it's funny at times, sad, gross, but either way it's a great book for all ages!
Justin Mattot is a very funny guy; I know this because he came to my school,
Aspen Creek K-8. Some of this stuff in Go Ask Mom is a true part from Justin's
life. This is a book you won't want to put down! It's a great book and I
recommend it to all readers!

Go Ask Mom By Cooper

Go Ask Mom is an amazing book filled with detail. Gabriel is a boy whose leg is
not growing right, has a lazy eye and can barely see, and gets bullied all the
time. He finds his own way to take care of bullies, with a little help from his
dad. He has many adventures in this exciting book of friendship and problems in
Gabriel's world.

A 5 star book By Corrynn

Go Ask Mom is a book that I highly recommend. It is about a kid named Gabriel
Peters who has to put up with bullies at home, and school. He uses every source
he has to get back at them. I think that's what Gabe {nickname} does in this
book, can help anyone with their problems.

Go Ask Mom By Elizabeth

Go Ask Mom is the first book I have read by Justin Matott and it has inspired
me. I am writing my own story, like his now. It was a great book, I can relate
to Gabe with the part about a sibling that beats up on you. I had fun meeting
Justin when he came to my school. He is a funny guy. I look forward to reading
more of his books. He also gave us a copy of his sequel before it was out. I
will look forward to reading his third. I give it a five star rating.

Go Ask Mom By Emily

Go Ask Mom is a great book, I loved it! It was hilarious; you just couldn't put
the book down. The author came to our school; he is a really funny guy in real
life. This is the kind of book you would want to read.

Go Ask Mom By Alex

Gabriel has one lazy eye and one short leg so everybody picks on him. He has two
bullies, one is his big brother and the other is Ronnie. Ronnie [lemon face] is
his school bully. Carl is his personal bully. I would really recommend this book
because it is a good book.

Stories from the Upper Bunk By Audrey

Go Ask Mom is a very emotion filled story about a boy named Gabriel Peters. He
has a lot of troubles, from his one shorter leg to his dorky eye patch and
glasses. As you could imagine, this kid gets picked on a lot. But he does have
one major bully, Ronnie. Ronnie was a big dude for his grade, he was probably
held back. Gabriel has another thing to worry about, his Big, Mean, Harry, Scary
older brother, Carl. Follow Gabriel and his friends on some super funny tales
and some heart breaking losses as they find their way to a bully free (or close
to free) life of crazy adventures.

Go Ask Mom By Daniel

It's a great book for kids and adults. It's about a kid named Gabriel Peters who
has a bad leg and an eye patch because of his lazy eye. Gabe has a big older
brother who beats him up. He overcomes his bullies by telling scary stories and
being funny. I give this book 5 stars.

Go Ask Mom By Cory

This book is so amazing. I think this book is so funny as well. In one part this
is so wacky as well. The part that is so funny is about when (Gabriel) starts
pushing a bully (Ronnie) back toward the school. This is why I recommend this
book to you. Also I like this book because in this one part Gabriel and friend
went camping and found a cave.

Go Ask Mom By Chase

The book was really enjoyable and funny! I liked how Justin Mattot pulled things
out from his life and wrote a book about it. He also had really good and
interesting details. I love his books!

Go Ask Mom By Chloe

I think Go Ask Mom is a great book because you can feel how Gabe feels about
being bullied. It is so funny when he steals Carl's underwear and chops it up
and buries it. Even though I was disgusted when they were pushing the dead
raccoon's stomach and it farted. I was laughing so hard because the details were
so good. GO ASK MOM ROCKS!

Go Ask Mom By Hailey

This book is a really good book I would read it more then four times. The author
came to our school and he made me laugh so hard that my lungs were going to
break. There are scary things that happen I hope it becomes a lesson to me. It
seemed that there is a lot of story telling I can't wait to read the next book!

Go Ask Mom Reviewed by Jake

Go Ask Mom is an amazing reminder of all your childhood memories. It explores
the memories of Justin Matott and seen through the eyes of Gabriel Peters and
all his fun adventures. This book revolutionizes the way of story telling,
taking an ordinary life and making it fun to read and make you want to read

Contrasting one summer of adventure into a 230 page story, this book has
excruciating detail. This man has an interesting life of bullies and friendship
with friends, and reminds you of the brighter side of life, like when the book
told of an abused boy named Tyler.

These powerful pages of story telling will I never forget. The book has
adventures, funny stories, disgusting parts, and including mean old ladies. It
is a guide to bullies. This book is very inspiring.

Go Ask Mom By Kai

The book Go Ask Mom is an awesome book about dealing with your personal (or not
so personal) bullies. It really inspires you to be a better person. I love how
he based things in the book on his real life as a kid. He'll leave you
wondering, did he really do that? A little gross, but it's worth the price! It
has a lot of humor, you'll be laughing out loud so hardly, and you'll feel sad
when Gabriel Peters (the main character) gets bullied, and you will cheer at the
crazy pranks he does. YOU WANT TO READ THIS BOOK!

GO ASK MOM! By Kaitlyn

Go Ask Mom is an AMAZING book! It is about a boy who is very different and very
smart. His name is Gabe Peters. This story will make you laugh your heads off!
It is so funny. Once you start reading it you won't be able to put it down. I
recommend this book for all ages. If you want a book that is very descriptive
and funny, I would read Go Ask Mom!

Go Ask Mom By Adrian

Go Ask Mom is such a good book. The book is about Justin in his childhood.
Justin used to get picked on by his older brother, just because he looked weird.
Gabe has two friends. Justin had one short leg and an eye patch for his lazy
eye, that's why Justin always gets picked on. Justin always used to tell scary
stories so his big mean brother could get really scared and not tease him. This
book rocks!

Go Ask Mom By Noah

Go Ask Mom is one of my favorite books I have ever read. It is very funny and
sad and personal. Justin Mattot came to our school and he is a very funny guy.
When our teacher was reading it to us we always wanted her to keep on reading. I
would definitely recommend this book for all ages.

Go Ask Mom! By Sarah

I love Justin Matott's book Go Ask Mom! Stories from the Upper Bunk. This book
is a great combination of humor and truth. Most of the main character's life
experiences are based on Justin's childhood adventures. This book is great for
all ages, if you do not believe me "Go Ask Mom!"

Go Ask Mom By Sarah

Go Ask Mom is a great book for all ages. The book is so funny and descriptive
you will laugh so hard you cry. It is a book I would recommend and my class
would to. It is funny, sad, and scary too. The pranks are ones you would never
imagine. The book is by far the best book I have ever read because of all the


I would say GO ASK MOM is the best book I have ever read, so I give it five
stars. It was the first Justin Mattot book I have ever read. It was funny and
cool. I think it is going to change the world because it tells bullies to stop