I have had a bunch of email over the past month asking when the second book in the Go Ask Mom series is going to be out. I am wondering the same thing. My agent is currently "pitching" the six book series to publishers. We were just turned down by a publisher, which sends you in many ways back to square one. I have attached one of the illustrations from the new book (yes, totally written, totally edited, totally illustrated, just waiting for the right publisher to say YES!). See if you can figure out which character in the picture is a new one. The second book is going to introduce you to two new characters, one you will simply love for her ZANY personality and one you will "love to hate". Oh yes, he is that kid. The one that joins the group and always has a different opinion and wants to take the gang in a different direction, always! I am finished with the third book, THE GABRIEL BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS and have the 4th, 5th and 6th totally outlined and treatments written for them. SO if you know a publisher who is looking for a new series and you like the GO ASK MOM book, twist arms and let them know that my agent and I are waiting to hear from them! Happy reading!