Last year the doggone squirrels ate a ton of our peaches (off our trees) and I didn't like it! The cute little furry bunny rabbits mowed down my lettuce, carrots and everything else except for the weeds in the vegetable garden and I didn't like it. The voles chewed the hedges and fitzers to the point that some of them started dying off and I didn't like it. SO... I got a squirrel trap and began to catch them and release them in a field far enough away from my house that they wouldn't make it back. One morning I caught an unusually surly squirrel, you might say it was a surly squirrely, and it was banging around so much in the back of my SUV that I decided to let it go in the parking lot of the gym where I work out each morning. SO... several days later, a few workouts later and I guess some creatine or anabolic steroid use later, he or she shows back up and rings my doorbell. The cage is still in the backyard, but I am afraid to go outside because he or she has challenged me to a cage match.

Listening to Jimmy Buffet and The Beach Boys and looking forward to the Journey concert with Heart and Cheap Trick in about a week. I just hope the buffed out squirrel isn't a Journey fan or he or she might come looking for me there.

Any advice?