I want to tell you something I am very excited about; I have decided to push forward with a larger publisher, which will give me a chance to spend more time writing and will expand my current audience dramatically!

I am very excited about the prospect of my main character, Gabriel Peters, meeting a wider audience.
When I set out to publish Go Ask Mom, I did it with a BIG expectation. I wanted people to meet a boy who is quite special, funny, warm-hearted and very, very adventurous. I have just this morning finished the third book in the series and have about 1/4 of the fourth book underway. In addition, I am at work right now on another chapter book (not a Gabriel Peters book) a novel for adults and a picture book and look forward to lots of summer writing time.

Now, something I should mention. There are about 600 copies of the original first printing of Go Ask Mom left. Once I sign a deal with a publisher, I am sure I will be unable to sell this particular book again, meaning Go Ask Mom will be out of print for an undetermined amount of time until my new publisher brings it out again in a new version, with possibly a new cover and design as Random House did with my first book, My Garden Visits.

SO, thinking ahead for birthdays, holidays or any other occasion that might warrant a book as a gift, I would recommend ordering it now. I will send them signed and personalized if you order them off my website: www.justin.matott.com. I know that someday these original books might be worth a little bit if my character catches on in a worldwide fashion the way I am expecting him to. If you order 3 copies, I will send you a 4th free of charge (or any of my other children's titles). If you don't use paypal or credit cards online, you can mail an order and check to my PO box at Justin Matott - PO BOX 631183 - Littleton, CO 80163