Hi, in my upcoming chapter book THE WORLD ACCORDING TO GABE, the main character and narrator, Gabriel Peters, keeps a journal from which many of the stories in the chapters come. The journal entries are sprinkled throughout the book, along with many illustrations and are intended to add humor and additional insight to the inner workings of a boy's mind (thanks to Lisa Tarr, the wonderful illustrator for this series). If you click on the picture it will be large enough to read. Here is an example of Gabriel's musings.

I was asked yesterday during my school visit, "What's with all of the underwear references?" All of my books (except for my books for grown ups) have underwear in them for the very simple reason that it is a word that makes the youngsters giggle and is a safe word, a word that they are allowed to say and use. Wedgies are funny, yet so uncomfortable and for some reason the abuse of choice by so many big brothers. Poor Gabriel has experienced his fair share and thus, yet another underwear reference!

By the way, I have received several emails lately asking me where I got the name Gabriel Peters. It is a combination of my two boy's middle names, Gabriel and Peter.