Hi again, I have been receiving many emails lately telling me that my blog is nice, but it is mostly school and book business and it would be nice for me to talk about other stuff, like family, hobbies, sports and other "stuff". SO, I am going to do that every so often. I have been doing numerous evening events, wherein I share stories about the importance of reading and storytelling in your family... so it got me to thinking about what I could blog...

Pictured here from right to left is my family (and my son's girlfriend, Madeline). The lovely blond is my wife, who many times handed my two boys over at night to tell stories and read so she could have a bit of downtime. Those times generally ended up in laughter or scary stories which made my son's eyes grow so wide, I could tell I had found my first real audience for my story about a crazy little old lady who became the subject of my first picture book, Ol' Lady Grizelda. There was something magical about watching my boy's eyes growing wider and wider as the suspense built and then knocking them off the bed with a surprise that would send them into giggle fits or send them hiding under the bed because of the scary subject I was showing in my bedtime story.

Next to her is my incredibly talented and big hearted boy, Jay J. He is a rock and roll musician writing music and lyrics and going to college. Centered is yours truly. Next to me is my funny, awesome and very smart youngest son, Ethan. Ethan was living the life at University of San Diego when he realized Colorado is where is home, friends and heart is, so this is move in day at CU. He will soon be on television, likely on ESPN or FOX SPORTS and writing for Sports Illustrated. Next to him is the lovely Madeline, who likely is one of the biggest reasons Ethan wanted to return to his native state.

I hope you enjoyed meeting my family, of course our family isn't complete without our crazy animals, but I have already included them in previous blogs.

Enjoy great times with YOUR family, because time moves quickly and soon enough they aren't crawling eagerly into bed with you to be told a story... but the trust built then brings them back to tell you theirs!